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A Powerful and Custom Online Schedule Maker

Based on the feedback of over 70,000 customers, ScheduleAnywhere is the proven way to see what you need to see when customizing schedules using our employee software.


Unlimited Scheduling Options

Custom schedules

The ScheduleAnywhere online schedule maker allows you to set up an unlimited number of custom schedules. Create a schedule for each of your locations or departments, as well as make schedules by position or shift. To switch schedules, just select the name of the schedule you wish to view.

Schedule views

You can schedule your employees from one of four different views. Choose a one-day view, a 7-day view, a 14-day view, 28-day, or 42-day view. To view a different scheduling period, press the next or previous buttons, or enter the date you wish to view and press the Go button.

Daily view

Schedule maker daily view

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Weekly view

Online schedule maker weekly view

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14 day view

Scheduling a 14 day view

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28 day view

Staff schedule 28 day view

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42 day view 

Online Schedule Maker | Custom Schedules | ScheduleAnywhere

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Using ScheduleAnywhere to create schedules by position, department, or location is as simple as adding names to a schedule, plus you can create unlimited schedules. You can view all employees in your company or view employees by position, department, or location, or create your own custom view.

Creating custom schedules is easy

Employee schedule selector

The Highlighter tool allows you to add background colors to specific items on the schedule. Using the Highlighter, you can easily identify schedule cells that match your criteria. For example, if want to emphasize employees scheduled for vacation or sick time, you can easily create a highlighter called "Vacation" or "Sick" and apply it to the schedule.

Easily highlight and identify custom information

Identify custom scheduling information

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To view specific schedule information, you can apply a filter. Use filters to see only those employees scheduled a particular shift, or employees scheduled time off. Filters can also be applied to your online schedule maker to show you who is not scheduled. This is helpful when an employee calls in sick and you need to find a quick replacement.

 Select the information you want to view

Apply filters for easy shift scheduling
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Why ScheduleAnywhere?

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    Ideal for small or large businesses
  • Flexible
    Available as a subscription-based service or as a self-hosted solution
  • Hassle Free
    Includes FREE live phone and e-mail support
  • Proven
    Developed by the makers of the #1 employee scheduler
  • Risk Free
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What ScheduleAnywhere scheduling software customers are saying...

    Kaiser Permanente
    "ScheduleAnywhere helps us fill any coverage gaps ahead of time, which helps control our overtime costs. It has dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes our managers to create and maintain schedules."

    Schedule Coordinator
    Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center