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Try ScheduleAnywhere free for a month.
It's easy, affordable and proven.

COVID-19 Response: Get the staff scheduling and communication platform trusted by mission-critical operations and essential services.

Used by hundreds of campus safety departments.

Why switch to the #1 campus safety scheduling software?

Save Time

Cut scheduling time by up to 75%.

Communicate Instantly

Send text and email messages about open shifts or events.

Access Anywhere, Any Time

View work schedules from any computer or device or use our free mobile app.

Ensure Proper Staffing

Built-in tools help make sure staffing requirements are met.

Rotate Schedules Automatically

Copy schedule rotations quickly and easily.

Save Money

Our software is budget-friendly and will help reduce unnecessary overtime by up to 90%.

  • Create & Communicate Schedules

    View up to 42 days at a time and build schedules for any time frame. Post schedules when you're ready to share them, and re-post when schedule changes have been made. Employees will get email/text messages when their personal schedule is posted or changed.

  • Build Rotations

    Save time by scheduling multiple employees at once with powerful, built-in tools. You can automatically copy schedules or rotations, so you don't have to re-enter repeating schedule information.

  • Track Certifications & Skills

    Easily track and report on employee skills, training or certifications to ensure the appropriate number of qualified employees are always scheduled. Maintain compliance, and never miss a license or certification expiration or a renewal date again.

  • Online Requests

    Let your staff submit time-off and schedule requests online. Instantly see if a time-off request conflicts with any previously scheduled shifts. Your staff can submit schedule requests to cover open shifts, swap shifts or request additional hours.

  • Send Email & Text Messages

    Did someone call in sick and you need to fill an open shift? Instantly communicate with staff via email and text messages. Choose who receives messages by position, shift, skill, availability or certification.

  • Free Mobile App for Managers and Employees

    Now you can access and manage staff schedules and employee requests from any mobile device. Employees can see when they work and submit requests.

  • Monitor Staff Levels

    See whether you have too many or too few employees scheduled, so you can better manage employee's shifts and reduce unnecessary overtime.

Anywhere, Anytime Access!

Keep staff up to date with instant text and email messages. Choose who receives messages by position, shift, skill, availability or certification.

Schedule and communicate with your staff from your Android, iPhone, Tablet or Desktop PC.

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Affordable Scheduling Software

Plans start at only $25 per month. Pricing is based on length of contract and the number of employees you need to schedule.

What our campus safety customers have to say

What ScheduleAnywhere customers are saying...

McHenry County College Police

"ScheduleAnywhere has made scheduling and employee tracking much easier and reduced the time spent scheduling with Excel Spreadsheets. You can truly schedule from anywhere!"

Deputy Scott Sosnowski
McHenry County College Police

Truman State University Department of Public Safety

"We used to spend nearly six hours developing a schedule for each month, but now schedules can be copied and are created ahead of time, so all we need to do is post it online when we're ready."

Sargent Jeremy Cordray
Truman State University
Department of Public Safety

Wake Forest University Police Department

"What took me eight hours with the previous system takes only 30 minutes with ScheduleAnywhere. The software is user friendly and easy to navigate, and the transition from our old system to ScheduleAnywhere was seamless."

Sergeant Craig Bullins
Wake Forest University Police Department